Corporate training

I coach corporations for developping soft skills. I provide ice breaking, team building, and public speaking skills workshops. I help groups to deal with pressure, communication issues and group dynamics. I also collaborate with professional coach corporations such as Next Level, Scene Experience, La Suite, Ozecla.
My work is based on improvised theatre foundations: Using ‘Yes and’ for synergy and creativity, welcoming mistakes to decrease self-judgement, identifying emotions to be able to master them, developing body awareness…
On stage, improvisation is an art. In corporations, it is a powerful tool to handle all kind of human’s issues.

Pauline has successfully found the balance between artistic skills and teaching proficiency. While taking care of each other’s needs, she allows everyone to understand themselves better, thus giving them the opportunity to challenge themselves. Pauline is able to use her own benevolence to transform each moment into a creative one for anyone around her. You can trust her for any team-building, ice-breaking or soft skills development.

Nabla Leviste – Scene Experiences

Pauline Calmé is amazing with improvisation. I saw her show, […] and it was so thought provoking, hilarious and interactive.and she did the show some nights in English and the other nights in French. Highly recommend her. And arts can be very healing, creative and extending for students in such a time.

Letty Tseng


A place to meet each other in a safe and fun atmosphere.

Content: Improvisation theater fun games for beginners. Each game has been developed through decades of practice by the impro community to develop our ability to connect with ourselves and with others. Rules are made to experience how fun is it to fail, how empowering is it to say « Yes and », how joyful is it to connect with others. 


We learn how to collaborate, how to be inspiring and how to be inspired, through improvisation theater principles. 

Content: The first part will be similar to the Ice Breaking workshop. Then we will unpack the improviser’s toolbox. We will explore how we can build bridges between the stage and the workplace. Then we will practice them together with dedicated exercises. 


Speaking in public is a skill. You can train it!

Content: Speakers have to deal with 3 elements: The content of their speech, the way they deliver it and the audience response. Participants will work on these three aspects. They will receive feedback and suggestions from the former. 


From submission to action by accepting our emotions.

Very well described in the book Emotional agility – Susan David, starting to get in touch with what we feel is the beginning of a fascinating journey. Accepting and understanding our emotions help us to move from submission to action. It’s about empowering ourselves.

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