Non-actors need acting and improv skills.

If you think improvisers have to be funny and good at making punchlines… well, you might be surprised. So, let’s have a look at improv principles!

If you can overcome judgment,

you’re already an improviser.

Overcoming judgment is improvising.

On stage as at work, we need to overcome judgment. 

What is the common point between me, when I’m about to improvise in front of an audience, and you, when you’re about to speak in the meeting room at your workplace?
We both need to overcome judgment, otherwise, we may end up with sweaty hands and a panic attack. How do we do that? We practice improvisation theater exercises and we learn basic acting tips.

Don’t be afraid of your fears, learn from them.

Facing your fears is improvising.

Fear is your best friend.

Fear is an emotion that indicates you when something is not under your control. Sometimes, it means that you have to run away for your life, sometimes it means you have to opportunity to learn about yourself. Improvising is balancing between the comfort zone (control) and the unknown zone. Once you’re able to breathe through your fears, you’re going to rise like a rocket!

« Having emotions is a weakness. »
Wrong. So, wrong.

Feeling is improvising.

Let me tell you a secret: You are not your emotions.

« Don’t be sad. », « Don’t get upset! », « Don’t make trouble »… Sounds familiar?
But, what would be the humankind without emotions? What would it look like if we would never feel anger, joy, sadness, surprise, pride, fear, disgust? Emotions connect humans, for the best and for the worst. It connects me with the audience, whatever I feel, they’ll feel it. If I feel confident, they’ll feel confident. If I feel anxious, they’ll feel anxious. Do you think it applies just to actin? Nah. Same for you, your boss, your colleague, and your baker. Understanding and mastering emotions is sport. And guess what, you can become an athlete of emotions!

With « Yes and » comes great responsibilities.

« Yes and » is improvising.

Yes but no.
Yes but ...
Yes and !

Creating with your team is about giving up on what you thought it would look like. Once you did that (Good job!), you can start listening to others. « No, Yes but no, Yes but…, Yes. » are the steps you’ll go through, no matter how experienced you are. The days you will pass the « Yes and », you’ll know, it’s quite memorable, it’s pure creation.

Pauline Calmé is amazing with improvisation. I saw her show, […] and it was so thought provoking, hilarious and interactive. and she did the show some nights in English and the other nights in French. Highly recommend her. And arts can be very healing, creative and extending for students in such a time.

Letty Tseng, Melbournian performer

Improvising is creating

So, you overcame judgment, you faced your fears, and you felt your feelings. Congratulations! You are the best improviser ever. You deserve a reward!

This reward is … your own creativity! Yes! You have in front of you the wonderful world of whatever you have in your mind. You own it. It’s yours! You made it yourself! Bravo!

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