Corporate coaching and entertaining

Non-actors need improv and acting skills. That’s why I’m working with large businesses and small businesses.

Who I worked with? What did I do?

Ice-breaking, Team-building, Soft-skills Development.

« While taking care of each other’s needs, [Pauline] allows everyone to understand themselves better, thus giving them the opportunity to challenge themselves. […] You can trust her for any team-building, ice-breaking or soft skills development.« 

Nabla Leviste – SCENE EXPERIENCES, corporate improv leader company

Overcoming judgment, facing our fears, managing our feelings , and creating with our team partners ARE improv skills that non-actors need. I’ve been running corporate improv workshops with leading corporate improv companies such as Next Level, Scene Experience, La Suite, Ozecla, and big and small businesses such as Enedis, Wavestone, Nod-a, Le labo de l’edition.

Tailored improv coaching

« MERCI car ce que tu nous as enseigné m’accompagne partout aussi bien sur scène que dans ma vie d’entrepreneure ! c’est une formidable source de créativité, de bien être et d’audace : « j’ai envie, je le fais ! » Voilà merci pour ça 😊 »

THANK YOU, what you taught us follows me everywhere, on stage as well as in my entrepreneur life! It’s an amazing source of creativity, of wellness and audaciousness: « I want to do it, I do it ! »
Voilà, thank you for that 😊« 

Stéphanie Paviet – Founder of Place Eleven, corporate improv company

I help people to achieve their creative goals.

Entertainement, Storytelling, Master of Ceremony.

« Pauline has co-built the line up with us to make it a funny theater piece, inspiring and full of energy ! »

Thomas Parizot – SUBWEB, a yearly seminar about humans and web practices.

I am your Master of Ceremony, I tell your stories, I warm-up your audience, I make diversions when you have tech issues, I come up with creative ideas to make your event unique, I build the content with you!

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