New Zealand Impro Festival Workshop Feedback

NZIF made a survey to get some feedback on their experience with their teacher. Below you will find the results of that survey.

  • I felt wonderfully challenged and creatively free. I had the best time.
  • What a wonderful instructor and human being.
  • Pauline was a brilliant teacher, explaining things in her charming way and ensuring that we all understood what she meant.
  • Pauline gave us permission to do things, and to sit with any strangeness that come out of the new method. To me it felt more ‘improv’ than anything else I experienced in the festival because it was such an honest and different sensation.
  • Pauline challenged me directly, not physically, she let us challenge ourselves in that way, but she really pushed me to invest and go further.
  • It was really freeing and liberating! It felt like being given a set of paintbrushes and the space and canvas to play! Great dance moves, and great work to help us get connected before the show.
  • She gave clear instruction and left plenty of room for experimentation so it could become our own experience.
  • I was lucky to spend some time talking with Pauline before the workshop and show about her philosophy, I suppose – it’s not so much fixed ideas as an approach to theatre and to life in general. I like this contemplative, experimental approach. It resonated with me in a way that seems important. I think often after some years practising improv we can get stuck with all sorts of techniques and things in our heads. I will always be interested in more workshops that take us out of our headspace and bring the whole person to the stage.
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