An Introduction to the four articulations for improvisers who have a body and would like to use it.

When you improvise, do you think about what is going to happen in the next second ? Do you think about what you should answer to what you partner is telling you ? Do you think, think, think about what you should do ? Do you feel the pressure of « Something HAS to happen » ? Do you dream about jumping on stage and playing without any pressure ?

With Pauline, You will discover a series of exercices that will help you to engage simultaneously your body, your mind and your creativity through the four articulations: Body, Space, Time and time-space continuum. This series of exercices has been developed by Ira Seidenstein (Slava’s Snowshow, Cirque du Soleil) over the last 40 years. Pauline practices the four articulations method for her own craft and use it as a fondation to coach improvisers.

In improvisation theater, this method helps improvisers to focus on what they are already doing rather than thinking about the next thing to do. It gives freedom because you don’t need to worry anymore about « what comes next ». It takes off the pressure to think ahead the story. It opens a way of playing the now that will make you feel you’re clowning… maybe because you are.

You stop to « wait and see » and you start to « do and feel ».

Instead of looking for inspiration, you become inspiring!

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